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Wikileaf: OG Kush Marijuana Strain Information OG Kush has medium to large nugget-like buds that have a dense, indica-like structure. The leaves are yellowish green, although certain phenotypes can show traces of purple; the latter color is the result of anthocyanin pigments being activated by cold weather. OG Kush CBD Shatter | Extract Labs OG Kush is a hybrid strain with a motivating and stress-reducing effect accompanied by improved focus. This product has an earthy wood flavor. OG Kush CBD Shatter $ 45.00. OG Kush is a hybrid strain with a motivating and stress-reducing effect accompanied by improved focus. … OG Kush CBD Feminized Seeds (Dinafem) | True North Seed Bank OG Kush CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a Sativa-dominant, feminized cannabis strain that originates from the cross of an OG Kush and a CBD rich strain. OG Kush is what everyone in the States aspires to, which is not surprising at all given its complexity and high-quality.

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OG Kush. CBD e-liquid O.G. Kush je náplň do elektronických cigaret. Skvělá chuť tohoto liquidu, která je podobná slavné odrůdě O.G. Kush je zajištěná díky přídání terpenů linalool a pinen, které se v O.G. 1 tin containing 5 CBD seeds. With THC levels that have been reduced to less than 1%, and CBD levels that have been increased to 15% , CBD OG Kush’s high is barely noticeable to most users. At La Mota's online growshop you can buy OG Kush CBD feminized cannabis seeds by Medical Seeds. We have the best OG Kush CBD cannabis seeds available. Feminizovaný CBD OG Kush od CBD Crew. Indica 75%, sativa 25%. Balení 5 semínek.

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OG Kush Autoflowering CBD / Dinafem strain info - GrowDiaries OG Kush Autoflowering CBD is a CBD rich autoflowering cannabis strain that based on the legendary OG Kush genetics. An OG Kush Autoflowering and an Auto CBD were crossed to create this new medical strain with high CBD level of 14%, low THC content of 7% and great THC to CBD ratio of 1:2. High CBD Marijuana Kush - Autoflowering Seeds | ILGM Kush CBD is a high CBD strain of marijuana with moderate levels of THC. Because of its balanced amounts of CBD and THC, it provides a mellow high that relaxes the body and mind. Balanced THC/CBD strains are perfect for those that are new to marijuana or have high THC sensitivity since they are less likely to lead to negative side effects. OG Kush Strain 1000mg CBD Oil | OG Kush Vape on Sale Vaping 1000MG OG Kush Strain CBD Vape Oil. Vaping CBD is an extremely popular way to get your dose of CBD.. Using your 1000MG CBD OG Kush vape oil is as easy as just breathing in. Once you have your vape prepped with your favorite oil, you can take it on the go and use it when you want or need it. OG Kush CBD Crumble | Extract Labs

OG Kush CBD E Liquid. We crafted the OG Kush CBD E Liquid with vapers in mind and hemp at heart. Its aroma comes from the same compounds of the beloved OG Kush cannabis strain and comes with various levels of CBD strengths. This unique aroma is created from terpenes, the compounds that bring smell and flavoring in cannabis.

OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds hail from a popular strain that has served as the basis for many cannabis varieties developed on the American west coast. Though its actual origin is shrouded in mystery, OG Kush’s first cannabis seeds are thought to have … OG Kush - Cannabis OG Kush is considered to be a hybrid which, depending on the breeding procedure, can either lean towards Sativa or Indica. It is generally believed that it is derived from the Chemdawg strain. OG Kush is quite potent, with THC levels reaching 27%. Tips for Growing OG Kush Cannabis - The CBD Break Dec 19, 2018 · The OG Kush flowering time indoor is about eight weeks. Harvesting is usually done in early October. Use Hydroponics For an Indoor Setup. The OG Kush Plant can adapt to various types of climate but it mainly thrives in warmer climates. This is because it’s an indica-dominant Kush and they normally thrive in areas such as the Asian Steppes Buy OG Kush CBD Feminised Seeds from Dinafem Seeds at … OG Kush CBD takes the qualities and complexity of one of the USA's favourite strains, viz. OG Kush, and combines them with a high CBD-producing plant that reduces the profoundly psychoactive effect of the original and makes it more suitable as a medicine for those seeking to reduce anxiety, increase appetite and relieve muscular pain. It also